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What does Microblading feel like?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I’m often asked to describe what Microblading actually feels like and until you've tried it’s one of those things that is really difficult to describe. Some of the pain ratings I’ve read on google can really put people off the treatment. When in reality it surprises more people then you’d expect at how bareable it is and I often hear “is that it?”.Over the years I’ve heard many different interpretations of what it felt like having Microblading, but the best way I can descibe it is oddly similar to threading but maybe not as painful in places as threading can be. Because microblading creates small tiny superficial cuts in and along the brow, a slight scratchy sound can be heard at first but you soon adjust to it and strangely the noises fade in to the background. The scratchy sound is just the pigment being deposited to seep into the tiny hair-like wounds that are super fine you can barely notice them being done. Microblading takes approximately Three passes. The first pass being the skeleton pass. This is when we put in the structure of the brow shape we’ve drawn on so that we can safely wipe our pencil away without removing our core shape. The second pass is the builder pass. This is where we fill in the foundations in-between strokes from our skeleton pass. The third and final pass-(probably the pass where it starts to feel a bit sensitive now and when you think- ok actually now I can see why this is compared to threading.) is where we go over the strokes and perfect the shape, making sure both brows are even. This is the quickest pass, it’s generally just to do a bit of tweaking at the end. During this stage I will take an image or re-measure with my string during this pass to help me see any missing strokes that I may not of noticed to perfect the whole Brow. The entire microblading process takes about 30-45minutes. Not bad for Wow Brows!

If you’re still uncertain if it’s for you, book a consultation and ask for a scratch test and I can show you what it feels like!

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