Powder Brows


TOP UP: £50

Powder brows by machine method is perfect if you want to create a more fuller brow and fill in sparse areas without needing to wear make up. 

This method is also great at covering existing micro-blading and semi permanent make up.

This Brow treatment is suitable for all skin types, as it goes slightly deeper in to the dermal layer of the skin, where as microblading sits between the surface of the dermal and epidermis layer making it more shallow. Not only does this make the results last longer (2 years+) Don't let the depth fool you, as the machine method is a lot less abrasive to the skin with its technique and it feels more like a tiny pin prick then a scrape. Also great if you have oily skin or tend to bleed easily as results will last longer then microblading.

Your brows, your face, you can choose the style you want to choose with this technique. Maybe you like the softness of the microblading hair strokes but are worried it won't last as long or is too minimal for your desired look. 

We will show you the various different styles during your consultation and assess your natural brows to help you decide what will suit you best.

You can either combine microblading hair strokes at the front, middle or tails of your powder brow to give a more natural finish.

You can also have an ombre brow with two different pigment shades lighter- darker to give a real 'Insta brow'.

Or you may just want to keep it simple and have the powder brow in one colour to create a soft powdery brow effect throughout leaving the front soft to flatter your face.


Powder Combination Brows


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