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Salon Policy Covid 19


As we are approaching our industry’s return to work. The union that I am part of have laid out a few rules for beauty technicians to follow in order to keep our studio as safe as possible.

These changes will come in to affect as soon as I return and I hope that everyone who books in will understand I have to follow this guideline to protect my clients and myself.

Only clients will be allowed in the treatment room. This unfortunately means no guests or children, to minimise the risk, as it’s such a small room.

• If you have a slight temperature, cough, cold or a headache, please cancel your appointment and we can rearrange for a different day- This is very important to minimise the risk to others. I have clients who are vulnerable and I need to ensure that I reduce the risk of passing anything on.

• All clients will have to give an up to date record of their details for contact tracing purposes in the event that I become ill or somebody I’ve come in contact with does we will know that we can contact you.

• Please come wearing a face mask 😷 This helps reduce the risk of catching anything. Wearing a mask can prevent droplets circulating in the air whilst we are talking.

If you don’t have a face mask, don’t worry I will provide one.

• Please arrive on time and not too early or late. I don’t want clients to cross paths and there is no waiting area. I also need longer time between clients now for extra surface cleaning to create the safest environment possible. I won’t be letting anybody in until I’ve sterilised everything from the session before.

• Hand sanitiser/hand washing will be provided for when you enter the studio.

• I won’t be using blankets on the bed during this time for lashing. I need to keep the items people come into contact with to a minimum. if you are likely to feel the cold please bring your own or wear an extra layer. • Please try and go to the bathroom before you arrive, this again will help reduce the risk.

• You are welcome to bring headphones and music to listen to whilst you get your lashes & brows done. This will help reduce the risk with talking up close.

• I will be wearing a Face mask, face shied, apron and gloves. I normally wear a mask but I’m just going to be extra cautious as I’m up close to the client.

This may seem a little extreme, I promise will try and keep the treatment as normal and relaxing as possible and hopefully we can have a giggle about how insane this all is!

I look forward to seeing you all soon and getting back to normal 💖

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