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Russian Volume Lashes

Russian or Full volume lashes also known as 2D/3D Lashes are similar to classic individual lash extensions, except the individual lash hair is a lot lighter and softer so that they can be used to create 2-6D fans or clusters.

These lightweight soft feathery fans are then each individually applied to each of your own lash. 

Full volume lashes create a more fluffy fuller look. They can be worn as a natural look or a more statement look depending on which size fans you wish to have created and the strength of your own individual lashes to support them. 


Good to Know

*Glue patch test is required 24 - 48 hours before treatment for new clients.


Russian Full Volume Lashes 2D-6D: Service

For all your questions...


Eyelash extension procedure

Whats the difference between Russian Volume and Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes are each made up of one single lash hair and are individually applied to each one of your own natural lash.

They create a natural soft finish by enhancing your own lashes with length.

Russian, or Volume lashes are created by using up-to six very fine soft individual lash hair all placed together to create a fan.

This type of lashes are as fine as your own natural lashes and that is what enables us to be able to use much more to create fans. They are still applied to each of your own individual lash.

They are great if you have sparse, missing or super fine natural lashes as they create a fan to fill out any gaps.

Also perfect if you want a more dramatic look by adding more lashes to each fan to give full volume glamour.

Are they the same as Clusters?

Oh wow no!

Clusters are heavier, more synthetic looking and are placed on top of your lashes.

They sit anywhere they are placed on the lash line, making them only last a few days.

Russian volume lashes are placed on each individual eyelash you have by isolating them for a secure fit. The fans then wrap around your natural lash to create a better hold and better retention.

Only a trained professional can apply these extensions, where as with clusters anyone can.

As they are fuller will they damage my natural Lashes?

No, because the actual eyelash extension hair is super fine, much finer then the classic extensions.

One individual classic lash weight, would be the equivalent of four-five lashes on a volume fan. 

As long as the aftercare is followed and the correct amount of glue is applied, they will feel light and natural and won't damage your own lashes.

Russian Full Volume Lashes 2D-6D: FAQ
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