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This advanced method is a combination of Microblading soft hair strokes with added shading to create a more defined bolder brow by using two methods of microblading and soft tap, this creates more definition.
This is great if you like them to appear more 'filled in' or you want to add more definition to sparse areas that lack natural brow hair.


Meeting Your Needs


You can also have two different pigment shades to create a 2D brow that gives more depth and again a more realistic softer natural brow.
Shading can be implanted at the end of the brow, middle and tail. The front can be left with microblading soft strokes only or you can have shading done throughout the whole brow.
This is tailored to suit your personal preference.

New customers require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to this appointment.

For best results a Top Up treatment is recommended 4-6 weeks after your first session this is to see how the pigment has developed and make any adjustments to the shape and colour and to help build the perfect brow to finalise the look.

Different skin types may require an additional top up this can be down to certain medical factors, aftercare or to create a bolder brow.

The cost of this top Up is £75 and can be booked after your first appointment.

Micro-Shading: Service


What is Micro-shading?

Micro-shading is an advanced form of microblading. Instead of hair strokes, pigment is soft tapped or stippled in to the skin to create a shadow, powdery affect.

Micro-shading is used to enhance your regular microblading hair-strokes and can be designed to create your dream brows using a combination of different methods.

At Brighton Brows we offer three different types of shaded brows to help you achieve the final look you are hoping for. 


Combination brow, this is microblading soft strokes at the front of the brow and shading throughout the middle and tail.

Ombre' brow, is created when two shades of pigment are used in the same way as a combination brow but leaving the front of the brow very soft and feathery often achieved with a darker shade of pigment to the middle and tail. This is a popular trend with instagram influencers and anyone who likes that made up, make up look.


The Classic Blade and Shade and also our favourite at Brighton Brows. This is microblading soft strokes with the choice of having shading in the middle and/or at the tail of the brow. This is recommended for any client that has very little to no hair to begin with, or it can be added to any sparse areas, to create a more natural, softer look in between micro-bladed hairstrokes.

Whats the difference between micr-blading and Micro-shading?

The main difference between Microblading and micro shading is that the Microblading technique gives a simulated hair affect, where as the Microshading technique makes it appear as though you have powder filled eyebrows, similar looks are achieved with good make up.
Microbladed hairs-trokes and shading is also great if you have oily skin as the pigment is implanted slightly deeper allowing it to hold on better. Its also great if you have really sparse hair as it can be placed lightly in a different shade to create the illusion of a natural shadow in between microbladed hair strokes.

Do I need I need it?

If you often fill in your brows with make up and like the 'Done, made up' look, then Micro-shading could be for you. Once healed it creates definition that is still much more natural then make up. Its also good for clients with more oily skin type, as the healed pigment retention is better with a soft tap needle used for shading. This is because it implants slightly deeper in to the dermal layer of the skin. It's also great for covering previous old semi-permanent make up.
If you find that your Microblading soft strokes has healed too naturally for you, then  micro-shading can be added at any type of top up, so not something you have to decide on at your first session.

Micro-Shading: FAQ
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