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Microblading or Powder Brows?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

I often get asked by my clients which should I go for and what is better?

Well the answer really depends on the invidual and what they like, sometimes you won’t really know until you’ve had Microblading done, what you want and how bold you want to go.

Microblading is perfect if you really want to keep your brows looking as natural as possible and undertactable. When a client of mine has little to no existing eyebrows, my technique leans towards realism to create an effect that won’t appear too flat or heavy to begin with and this helps my client get used to their new brows first (which is what a powdered or ombre eyebrow typically results in). This way, you still have options to add in your own pencil/powder make up on top for a little extra definition to achieve that bolder brow but can still have a super-natural look for daytime that doesn’t scream ‘tattooed eyebrows’ if you have zero make up on your face.

Many clients of mine want to keep with that natural texture of their own brows and create soft contrast of colour in their pigment to give definition, while still maintaining the look of loose realistic hair strokes. While I agree that a powder/combination brow is more on trend now, it will not always have the dimension that is created by having the look of hair strokes for someone who is adamant they want a natural day time brow. I always describe healed Microblading as subtle, similar to having a brow tint with a shape that looks completely like your own once healed. If you find you like Microblading when it’s first created then you should consider having a combination or powder brow as it heals more crisp and bold similar to when Microblading is first implanted.

Ombre or combination Brow will give a more ’filled’ in made up make up look. something I personally really like and this is what I chose for myself soon after I realised Microblading on its own wasn’t enough for me and my look, I like to wear a bit of make up both day and night which meant I no longer have to fill my brows in.

It is also important to remember, once you create a solid powdered brow, you cannot go backward and add hair strokes or dimension over that block of pigment until it fades. This makes it last a lot longer then Microblading and if created correctly can be a real perk to someone who really doesn’t want to add in a little make up each day to their existing Microblading or a client that knows from the beginning they like a bold statement insta brow. Again though you can get creative and create hairstrokes around this shading to create a more realistic brow depending on your personal preference. Don’t freak out as you will shown images of various options to help you decide the style you think will suit you best.

The beauty of this decision is you don’t have to make it straight away, we can decide together at your appointment and discuss what we think will suit you and your lifestyle best.

You can go in with a manual soft shade to create a subtle definition for anyone who has very little brow hair to begin with but needs that contrast of colour between hair-strokes to create the most realistic brow hair.

You can choose to add in powder or combination brows to your top up whether it’s 4-6 weeks later, annually or so on. As you can see there are a variety of looks you can opt for when choosing your new brows. If its dramatic powder brow you are looking for to mimic the look of make up, you've got it. If its more realistic brows you're looking for then go for the procedure using individual hair strokes to create the desired brow shape, go for it, the choice is yours!

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