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Lash lift  &Tint

Lash lift

Elleebanna offers the fastest treatment time and the most effective and long last results on the market.

Ellebanna is an Australian brand with a massive worldwide following. It is the number one recommended brand for lash lifts by industry professionals.

No aftercare is needed with a lash lift and the results will last as long as your own lashes go through their natural cycle and can last a maximum of 4-6 weeks.

The finished look is as if you've just curled your lashes and put on your mascara but with no clumps and no smudges, perfect for the gym, holiday and everyday awesomeness.

Good to know   


A skin test is required for new customers: 24 hours before your appointment 

Lash lift & Tint: Service

For All Your Questions


I have naturally dark eyelashes, do I need a tint?

No, not really and its completely optional. However, some clients think they have dark natural eyelashes and are surprised when they see how much more bolder and defined they look after a tint. This is because similar to our head hair the tips can be a lot lighter with growth and this can benefit with coverage off a tint.

Lash lift & Tint: FAQ

Lash lift and tint is an alternative treatment to eyelash extensions but without the aftercare hassle.

What is the difference between a Lash Perm & a Lash Lift?

They are quite similar treatments, however eyelash perming has been around for years and lash lifting is fairly new.A lash lift straightens your lashes to give more volume so they turn "up" and appear so much longer.
Eyelash perming curls at the root and isn't as effective if you have short or stubby lashes.

Does the lash lift really last 4-6 Weeks?

Yes! The results are incredible. They last as long as your own lashes grow and shed and you don't have to worry about rubbing them, getting them wet or using products that could effect them.

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