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Henna Brow Shape & Tint

Eyebrow Plucking

Brow Henna is the number one product for making a bold statement with your Brows!
The main difference between Brow Henna and other brow tints on the market is that the henna formula used is totally natural and doesn't require a developer, making it much gentler on the skin, and significantly reduces the risk of an allergic reaction.
The colour is developed by bonding together with the proteins in your hair, and lasts for up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs. Additionally, the henna tints the skin, which lasts for around 2 weeks, depending on skin type. Leaving a powdery semi permanent make up-tattoo effect. The henna colouring fades away naturally, and when used regularly can even help to thicken and regrow brows which have been over plucked in the past.





Patch test is required for this treatment at least 24hrs beforehand.

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Henna Brow



Avoid washing the brow area for 24 hours after you treatment for best results!  
Avoid any type of skin exfoliators to extend the life of the skin tint.
Applying a thin layer of castor oil when swimming will protect your brows from the chlorine fading the tint prematurely.
Fun fact-This also helps your brow hair grow!

Will Brow Henna give my brows a orange/brown tone like traditional henna?

All the redness used in traditional henna dye is stripped out of this product, meaning you can get a more natural tint to suit your complexion.
Henna Brow tints come in 10 different colours to suit everyone, and can even be mixed together to create custom made shades! With regular tinting you are normally only offered 3 shades.

What should I expect?

When you arrive at your appointment we will briefly go through a consultation and discuss your personal brow preferences. You are welcome to bring pictures of brows you like or how you wear your make up, to show us how you like to draw them on.
We then tailor make your henna brow tint colourto suit your complexion. 
Using the mapping out method we draw on the desired shape to suit your facial features and preference and then colour in with the henna brow tint. Whilst that is developing (which takes 15 minutes), we can then wax and tidy your brows.

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