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Thinking of getting Lash extensions but have a few questions...

Can I swim with lash extensions?

Sure you can. They’re a much better option than waterproof mascara (flakey, itchy, down right annoying to remove).

Your lash extensions are locked in place with a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue.

Wave repellant. You just have to allow 24 hours to pass after having them done and you’re good to go!


Can I wear Mascara?

You can wear mascara, but you probably won’t want to – the extensions are pretty fab on their own. If you’re an eyemakeup fiend, or want to add more volume, make sure to use a water-based formula and not an oil based mascar.

Be warned – waterproof mascara will cling to your extensions like a needy ex, so will be tricky to remove without sacrificing your extensions. Also the mascara can make your extensions look like a clumpy mess, and are not recommended if you’re having infills. Here is a gel based one from Clinique at boots that if you must wear it, then I’d recommend:


What are lash infills?

Touch-ups or lash infills are applied to keep lashes looking full. As your natural lashes fall out (nothing to fear, it’s their natural cycle), and the extensions will fall out with them. infills will close those gaps and keep them looking neat and full.

How often you’ll head for a touch up depends on your lash cycle and aftercare, but typically, every 2-3 weeks. Or wait, and go for a full set around 4-6 weeks


Does the application hurt?

Absolutely not, when properly applied, extensions sit on your natural lashes, not the skin. You’ll barely feel it in fact. Around 90 minutes, lying on a table, eyes closed, soothing music. Sounds like the ultimate chill out activity to me. ​


How do I look after them?

Got to look after those lashes to increase longevity. Comb them out regularly; an evening brush-through with a clean spoolie is strangely satisfying, and will keep lashes defined. Be gentle; when removing eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in makeup remover, and lightly press on the eye. Make sure it’s oil-free to avoid breaking down the adhesive. Never drag the cotton pad over the lashes as it will pull them out and could damage your own natural lash. Or dip a cotton bud into make up remover and clear around any eyeliner to remove it.

This is my ultimate favourite: sold at Superdrug, Asda and boots, to name a few stockists!


Will they ruin my natural lashes?

If you pull at the extensions (fidgeters, looking at you), then yep, they could potentially break your natural lashes. With proper application, and the right TLC, your extensions will fall out naturally, in cycle with your own lashes. No harm at all. Be warned: extended misuse (e.g. not heading to a professional) can damage lash growth. ​


Can I get a half set? What about the bottom lashes?

Of course you can. We can apply a lesser number of lashes within your natural lashline for thickness, or just keep the half set to the outer edge of the eye for that cat-eye kinda’ look. As for the lower lashes, it depends on the venue. We currently don’t offer them for lower lashes, but we do offer lower lash tinting for only £5!

Or you could just go for mascara on the bottom – easy. ​


Can I go on holiday with lash extensions?

Crack the lilo out, because yes you can. Excessive exposure to heat and humidity may lessen the lifespan of your lashes (as it can weaken the adhesive), but only minorly. Also, sun cream is the enemy of extensions – oil is a no-go, and might interfere with the lash glue – so keep it far from your lashes.


Can I sleep on them?

Try to sleep on your back, if you can. Lying face-down can mishape the extensions or even tug at the lash line (if you’re a really restless sleeper). Your side is fine, your back is best, but face-down is a no no. No matter how much you enjoy the smell of your deep sleep pillow spray. ​But I can I wear a sleep lash I hear you? Yes you can but it has to be a specialty one for eyelash extension.

Here is one from Amazon: £6.99


I wear contact lenses, is that okay?

Of course it is! You’ll need to take them out to have your extensions applied and removed, but you’re good to go once they’re on! If an extension falls out, and makes its way under your lens (cheeky chop), treat it as you would with a natural lash: take the lens out, remove the extension, clean your lens and pop it back in. Simple. Your lashes won’t make any difference when you’re putting the lens in either you can lift them like you would your own!

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