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Henna Brow or just a tint! What’s the Difference?

Ive had a lot of client enquiries regarding the difference between an eyebrow tint and a henna tint just lately so I thought it would be nice to explain the difference in a little more detail.

For those of you who have had a regular tint & brow wax you know we trim, redefine and darken the brows with a brow tint. I use Refectocil as it’s the longest lasting in my opinion for regular tinting- and I’ve tried a lot!

Tinting the brows lightly stains the skin for 24 hours and after a couple of washes fades to a subtle, natural finish. It can take 3-5 minutes to develop the colour when you are in the salon. There are ususlly 4-5 regular brow tint shades that can be curated to suit your hair and skin tone, from light to dark.

So, what is the difference between brow tint and henna?

Henna is perfect for those who have slightly sparse eyebrows as it stains the skin to create a powder filled in look, similar to that of semi permanent make up but without the commitment. It also lasts a lot longer than your average eyebrow tint. Henna brow tint can last up to 4 weeks on the hair and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to develop in the salon. The process is created in layers so you can choose how bold or natural you want the final result to be.

It also comes in a variety of shades, almost Double the amount of regular tinting with 10 different shades to choose from to ensure you have the best colour to highlight your facial features.

If you are unsure which one to choose consider what you want to achieve.

Do you want to dye the hair because it’s too fair but want it to be super natural?

Do you want to look as if you have had your make up done but without actually having to do your brows?

Is the colour of regular brow tinting too orangey brown for you but you still want them soft and natural?

Henna brows are a great answer to all these question and regular tinting is good if you just don’t have the time in the salon for henna brows and want to solely dye the brow hair only and are not bothered about the tint skin stain.

To book a specialist eyebrow appointment with Heather at Brighton Brows

Call: 07824376549

Brow tint, tidy & Wax


Time: 15 Minutes

Henna definition Brows


Time: 45 Minutes

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