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Autumn has arrived!

I just love this time of year! The sun is hopefully still shining brightly during the day and the nights are made to be more cosy when it gets a bit chilly. Im hoping everyone of you has had a glorious summer and are well rested ready to take on winter 🥶

This Autumn brings an exciting new treatment to Brighton Brows called Brow lamination. I’m super excited about this and I can’t wait to try it myself. Brow lamination? What’s that I hear you ask? Well if you haven’t heard of it already and if you are as obsessed with brows as I am you will want to know a lot more about what’s going to be on offer soon. And you will soon be hearing this treatment mentioned a lot.

Brow lamination is being dubbed the new microblading. But when I say new microblading, it’s not here to replace it or rival it. It’s just here to land the industry like a storm, like back in 2015 and when Microblading blew up 💣

Brow lamination is the brow equivalent to a lash lift/ lash perm but just for your brows. Applied similarly but don’t worry it doesn’t give you curly brow hair 🤪 It simply keeps them looking well groomed and tidy. Not only does it tame your brows, you also can create the newest trend to hit the runway a “feathered brow look” Which is when the eyebrow hair is brushed up to give a soft feathery finish. This feathered look will make them appear to look a lot thicker too. It’s superb if you have unruly brows that always need trimming or that never stay in place where you want them to. And the best bit Is it keeps them like this for up-to 6-8 weeks.

I will release more information regarding this treatment in October once all the training has been completed. I am hoping to introduce threading towards the end of October too, just in time for the new season because I had a lot of requests for it 😊

Lastly with the colder weather approaching I’m eager to express the importance of client punctuality, as there is no waiting room unfortunately being home based. This is so that nobody is left outside waiting in the cold. If you could still try and come on time and not early that would be really helpful and appreciated! If you want to come earlier drop me a message beforehand to see if I’m free.

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