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Make Up Shower Shield

Yep, you did just read that right!

Shower Shield, £12, – buy now 

This is the latest beauty gadget to get us all talking but is it genius or madness?

The product was was invented by a female entrepreneur from the US. She wanted to save time getting ready without having to ruin her previously applied make up and not to mention to save money if you’ve paid to have it professionally done.

I get it, you‘re probably wondering why doesn’t she just shower first? Well sometimes you simply want more then one shower in a day or it could be a case of someone else is in the shower and you just need to save time getting ready and urgently need to make a start to save you more time.

When I first saw this product the first thing that sprung to my mind was this is brilliant for Microblading. For those of us who have had Microblading, we know you have to go at least 7 days without getting the Brow area wet to ultimately avoid pulling any pigment out prematurely. Over the years I have heard many of my clients different tips on what they’ve used in the shower to avoid this. Cling film, scuba goggles and the best one plain old not washing to achieve this 😂 as Brows simply take president!

This gadget seems to be really taking off with many beauty influencers raving about it as the newest must have accessory. It’s also handy for protecting eyelash extensions from being under the showers intense water pressure that your shower can give off, which could potentially effect the retention of your lashes. The list keeps growing as to what this invention is so good for, facial surgery, eye surgery, skin peels, WATER FIGHTS (obvs 😂) are just to name a few. It’s travel size and easy to use. Once you get over how silly you might look its practicality wins hands down! It’s definitely a thumbs up for me! £12

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